About Us

David Weenen was born and raised in Toronto. His Father was one of the pioneering General Contractors, specializing in the renovation and restoration of fine Victorian homes. With this as a backdrop, David basically grew up on a job site from the tender young age of twelve, initially sweeping up, cleaning and sorting tools and materials etc. Over the years, David spent considerable time with bricklayers, masons, tile installers, cabinet makers, plumbers and electricians. Essentially, David was exposed to an entire field of trades from which to choose and school in.

By the time he started his own company 30 years ago, the highest standard of quality and an uncompromising level of integrity had been ingrained. This very high standard that became the company’s business model will always be attributable, in part, to his late father’s standards.

David is a licensed carpenter and licensed master electrician. The DESIGN capability piece comes from experience and an innate feel for how to make the most of a usable space, coupled with uncanny logic, a vast knowledge of other trades standards, quality product and good taste (no, David didn’t write this part!).