Basement – Current work in progress

The basement in this High Park home had flooded over a year ago, so now was the time to make changes. It was outdated and cramped, comprised of many smallish rooms, and an encumbered ceiling which poorly concealed the heating, plumbing and electrical systems — not conducive for use as a potential nanny suite, as the client was considering. Together with the client, we decided to open up the space and reconfigure, so it could be alternately used as a comfortable living area or a great family room.


Remove large portions of bearing block wall; reroute drains; pour concrete to level floor; replace old plumbing throughout and run new rad lines; replace old boiler and hot water talk with new tankless water-on-demand system and move to other end of basement, creating a common area utility room; run all new electrical lines; insulate ceiling and walls; add a new kitchen; add a second washer and dryer; update original bathroom; finish all/paint.